Capital Chips



Jennifer Davidson


  Illustration by Emily Herr

Illustration by Emily Herr


Capital Chips are hand-cut and cooked in Midlothian, Virginia, by a wife, mother, former teacher, and now entrepreneur who began the business in the search of work/life balance. Capital Chips are available at select breweries around Richmond and at a number of retail locations that offer local specialty foods. Capital Chips is proud to be recognized as a Virginia's Finest® producer and will soon roll out a smaller product called Capital Chips BITES! The quality of Capital Chips products is due to small batch cooking by one person. These chips are hearty enough for your toughest dips and perfectly salted to be enjoyed all by themselves.

How do you say no?

I am learning to set really clear expectations and then remind folks of those, much like I had to do in my classroom. The only time I have to say no, really, is when last-minute orders are placed.

Who is on your dream dinner guest list?

I would love to have dinner with Oprah Winfrey. I think she's incredibly insightful, successful in business, and she's met so many amazing people, so I'd love to share a meal with her.

How do you foster brand loyalty?

I'm the quality control for the brand, and I'm committed to excellence at all levels of the customer experience. I've shared my journey on social media, and so many people have responded positively and are excited to follow as Capital Chips grows.