America DeLoach

  Photography by Sarah Der

Photography by Sarah Der


Salsas Don Sebastian



Entrepreneurship is nothing new for America DeLoach. As a child, in her native Caracas, Venezuela, America sold soap and was always deep in thought about business. Unsurprisingly, in 2001, she started her first business in the U.S. at Tysons Corner as a shop curator of South American artisan pieces, selling to both the general public and large institutions, such as the Smithsonian and the Art Institute of Chicago. America closed her shop doors in 2007 due to dwindling consumer demand from the economic recession, but she was undeterred.

At community gatherings, her neighbors’ continuous requests for her salsa sparked a business idea. America learned her husband’s family recipe from Mexico and incorporated fresh, homegrown, and local ingredients. Gathering feedback on her neighborhood’s Facebook page resulted in the decision to take her salsa to the farmers market. America credits her growth to the great customer response and her relationships with other vendors at the market.  Her advice to anyone looking to start a food or beverage business is to begin by testing the product at a farmers market.

Where can you find Salsas De Sebastian? Wegmans (Midlothian location), Ellwood Thompson’s, Union Market, Outpost Provisions, Grumpy Growlers, Stella’s Grocery Good Foods Grocery, Bottleworks, Bon Air Provisions, Yellow Umbrella Provisions, and several regional farmers markets


Written by Ja'Nai Tellis Frederick
Illustration by Emily Herr