Arley Arrington

 Photography By: Sarah Der

Photography By: Sarah Der



Arley Arrington

Baker + Artist + Social Entrepreneur





Sugar + Spice

By Ja’Nai Tellis Frederick


With “baker, rebel, and butter” as her mantra, Arley is changing the face of Richmond’s bakery scene with a sprinkle of social activism. She recently moved to Richmond from Charlottesville, where she had a subscription-based “cookie club” and was busy taking custom orders. Not to mention, Arley is a goddess of sweet treat blogging and social media @arley.cakes.


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Arley discovered a love for baking in her college apartment kitchen as a means of creative expression. Custom cake orders started rolling in, and she was often baking sweet treats for her co-workers. Over time, Arley channeled her passion for social justice by donating her bakery proceeds to benefit prison reform, Black Lives Matter, RVA Doula Project, and initiative movements. For Arley, baking “is a beautiful act and cake is very accessible food.”




Arley’s goal is to own a storefront bakery in order “to create a space where minorities are welcome and to promote the value of the community.” Arley is refining her business plan, which she developed through a seventeen-week accelerator program, the Community Investment Collaborative in Charlottesville, while working in the industry at a local bakery.


Arley Follows

“The way she uniquely infuses Jewish and Asian heritage into her recipes with Midwest elements is captivating.”

  • Yossy Arefi

“I am inspired by her rustic, natural baking with simple ingredients.”


Arley’s Food Blog and Social Media Tips

  1. Consistency.

  2. Persistence. “Maintain your passion without regard to recognition. Be okay with your humble beginnings. It takes time”.

  3. Originality. “Find that niche that sets you apart. Think about your advantages and be unique.”


 Written By: JaNai Tells Frederick  Illustration By: Emily Herr

Written By: JaNai Tells Frederick

Illustration By: Emily Herr