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Laura Marr
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Laura Marr has 20 years of branding and design experience. In her studio, she crafts multi-layered visual messages through graphics, posters, maps, invitations, signage, and apparel. Her style is influenced by the early 20th century golden age of illustration, a pre-photography era that permeated the visual landscape of print media and fine arts. Her background in theatre design at the University of Texas evolved into freelance design for museum and tourism sites. In early 2017, Laura released Inky Richmond, an award-winning illustrative coloring book. Her current studio work involves the creation of a special 100th Anniversary Broad Street Station logo, which will be released by the Science Museum of Virginia in 2019.

Laura Marr holding a large drawing canvas. Laura is wearing a black shirt and pant. Illustrative rending is of a colorful flower imagery.
Laura Marr placing finishing touches on an illustrative color page with actual ink. Image is of sail boat.
Picture of Laura Marr

What inspired Inky Richmond?

I didn’t intend to become a coloring book artist. My aunt, Donna Anderson, who was a fine art painter, developed a hand palsy that left her frustrated and unable to paint. I brought her the standard, mass-produced coloring book after reading it could be used as form of therapy. While it was great physically, the mundane illustrations lacked meaning and were rather non-captivating for a creative professional. I decided to craft high-quality images of renowned places to evoke memories and emotions. Great detail, time, and expense were placed in both the design and print of the book to resonate with fellow artists of all abilities.

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Creative credits for Ja’Nai Frederick, Sarah Der, and Sarah Culclasure.

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