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Kate Giska

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Owner, Support Suppers



It’s More than Delivery. It’s Support Suppers!

By Robin R. Ashworth

When a childhood friend passed away suddenly, Kate Giska found herself struggling with how to offer tangible support to his young widow. Her love language has everything to do with preparing good food, a gesture of support she often extended to friends facing health crises, bereavement, or the birth of a baby. While she hadn’t initially set out to start a business, the idea kept surfacing. She came up with a viable and catchy name, and her husband promptly sought a website domain for a business she hadn’t even filed a license to start. For Valentine’s Day in 2016, he built her a homepage, and that was all the prodding she needed.

In the months that followed, Kate established Support Suppers, LLC. She quit her job, began testing recipes, procured commercial kitchen space, and sourced suppliers for the signature delivery bags that come with every meal. The process involved a steep learning curve. Even with the generous publicity their launch received, Support Suppers did not meet Kate’s initially high expectations regarding revenue and demand.

A home delivery model was mandatory, as she had only a rented commercial kitchen from which to prepare and package meals. She determined the meals would be upscale comfort food with a proper protein, side and salad, as well as cutlery and napkins. Every customer receives a thermal bag to ensure food arrives at temperature, ready to eat. She intentionally designed the presentation to feel like the recipient is unpacking a gift, complete with a handwritten note.

Menus are posted to the website on a quarterly basis to encourage customers to order ahead. Seasonally appropriate recipes are often featured, and meals are different every day in an effort to appeal to a wide range of people and preferences. Grocery shopping happens on Mondays, with meal prep and distribution occurring on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Delivery is guaranteed by 5:30 pm, just ahead of the dinner hour.

Support Suppers currently pays its own overhead and expenses, though Kate does not yet draw a salary. But she’s confident the business will grow organically by taking conservative care of operations and allowing the benevolent mission to catch on. 

 Robin R. Ashworth  Illustration By: Emily Herr

Robin R. Ashworth

Illustration By: Emily Herr

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