Jess Widener

Two years into aerospace engineering academic coursework at Virginia Tech, Jess changed her career path and entered the restaurant industry. Working on the corporate side of restaurants equipped her with skills like budgeting, management, and organization. With the support of her family and her employer, Rick Lyons of LUNCH.SUPPER!, Jess then launched her small plates, dessert, and beverage pairing dining experience, Four Forks, with her husband, Kevin.

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Kate Giska

When a childhood friend passed away suddenly, Kate Giska found herself struggling with how to offer tangible support to his young widow. Her love language has everything to do with preparing good food, a gesture of support she often extended to friends facing health crises, bereavement, or the birth of a baby.

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Support SuppersKya Carter
Kia Player

Kia Player fondly recalls the grandfatherly role her great-uncle Richard Bell played in her life. Known as “Dixie” Bell, he and his wife babysat Kia and her sister, Kristin, often diligently waiting for them at the bus stop through high school. His influence on the sisters is what inspired them to name their restaurant establishment Dixie Bell’s Burger Bar.

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Amanda Montgomery

You may know Amanda Montgomery as the owner of Hummingbird Gardens, a popular front-yard flower and herb farm here in Richmond. But you may not know the story behind how she became one of the city’s biggest garden advocates.

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Stephanie Ganz

You’ve heard of mise en place . It’s a concept that cooks know well, meaning “everything in its place”; it’s the prep work that makes the difference between skating through service like a pro and going down in flames. It’s pre-portioned proteins, bain-maries of sauce, and herbs picked from their stems. Without these details set in advance, a cook will find herself weeded in a way that won’t let up until the last plate goes out.

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Kya Carter