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We are inspired by the ground-breaking,
the risk-taking, the unconventional,
and often the less celebrated.

We share the narratives of women
making noise in their place of
business, community and beyond.

We’re the B SIDE Collective.
kinda classy. kinda hood. all business.


We’re an inclusive media platform dedicated to local women doing great things as doers and catalysts. While we’re based in Richmond, Virginia, we are expanding our coverage to include Charlottesville, VA, Raleigh, North Carolina, and the places in between. Our bi-annual print magazine sheds light on women in a variety of settings. We're a small team that plays in the sandbox with other creative contributors to make each issue unique. 

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Health & Wellness


Vol. 3


Wabi-sabi is a Japanese term, derived from Buddhist philosophy, that encompasses an aesthetic of beauty which  values the incomplete, impermanent, and imperfect. This philosophy acknowledges a reality that “nothing lasts, nothing is finished, and nothing is perfect”. It is the acceptance of the passage of time, simplicity, and authenticity. Perhaps, the absence of wabi-sabi explains our society's melancholic embrace of the past and fever-pitched restlessness with each algorithmic breakthrough in technology. We romanticize the era of the Jetson but fear the loss of our humanity.

In this issue, Handmade, we evoke wabi-sabi with the celebration of meticulous, human handcrafted apothecary goods, adornments, wood, clay, paper and fiber wares, and delights that may not be fully completed, finished, or perfect. The purposeful void of mass-production, outsourcing and automation breathes life and beauty unparalleled.

We are proud to share Richmond, Virginia’s handmade maker community.



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We just weren't impressed with media coverage of local women doing great things. We read narratives that labeled us “girls” and “babes” and our accomplishments as “hobbies”. When constant chit chat of “balancing family” and “leaning in” became stale, we decided to flip-the-script.

We're dedicated to supporting area women through inspiration, insight, and connectivity. We’re kinda classy, slightly quirky, and got a splash of hood. Our vision is to be “a hype guide”of Mid-Atlantic women.

B SIDE Collective represents the flip side of a record. While the mainstream listens to A side first, the true audiophile understands that the B side is the cult classic and where the real gems are found.

 Illustration of female hand holding purple flowers. Flower heads are images of variety of women in magenta.


Meet the Team



Ja'Nai Frederick


As a board certified optometrist, an "eyeballer", Dr. Frederick, FAAO, ABO recommends that you get your eyes check yearly to see clearly. She holds a MBA from William & Mary and is USN veteran. When not hanging with her family, she is listening to music. Her favorite music festivals are Coachella and Lollapalooza.



Sarah Culclasure


Sarah Riddle Culclasure's nine years of experience spans national and international clients like Microsoft, Smashburger, Old Navy, Burger King and many, many more. An alumni of Savannah College of Art Design, she's worked for advertising agencies in Philadelphia, Boulder, Denver, Asheville and Greenville prior to forming her own business here in Richmond.


Sarah Der


Sarah Der is a lifestyle and editorial photographer based in Richmond, Virginia. She's bounced around between Ohio, Chapel Hill, and Boston, but finally settled in a mid-century home south of the river. Her favorite things about living in Richmond are walking along the James River, eating the good food, and connecting with amazing creatives in the area. 



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